What Comes First The Dog or The Baby.

The decision to get a dog or have a baby should be discussed before you get married. There are some people who think having a dog is just too much work with the feeding, walking, and not to mention the expense. Those very people might have the same feelings when it comes to having a baby. They don’t want to be bogged down with the responsibilities that children require, or being constricted in their lifestyle. The idea of having children or dogs can be a deal breaker for some. You need to get it out in conversation so your view is known ahead of time. You don’t want surprises after you’re married.

Dogs Are Like Children

Dogs are like children in so many ways. The emotional traits that dogs have like people are that they hurt, and cry when they are in pain; they exhibit happiness and give you unconditional love. You can dress them in the latest fashions to take them on a walk. A dog’s actions can be amusing and funny just by them being themselves. There are many breeds, each with their own characteristics. People like mating different breeds to make what is called a “designer dog”. An example of that would be mating a Affenpinscher and a poodle to produce Affenpoo. The biggest difference between dogs and children, is that dogs can’t talk or express themselves in any form.

The dogs pictured are GG who is 12, and Mason who is five years old. They are Shih Tzu’s which means “little lion,” and years ago, they were the dogs kept by Chinese royalty. They are like siblings fighting over toys and hiding things from each other. They are called lap dogs because basically that’s all they want to do: sit on your lap and be rubbed. They thrive on attention from their owners.

Dogs Are Expensive

The expense of keeping a dog healthy can be overwhelming. They require shots on a yearly basis to fight diseases, and monthly heart, worm, and flea and tick medicine. Their medical visits can easily cost a hundred dollars or more. There are times when the veterinarian will help with the cost of medicine by telling you what human medicine is safe to give to your dog. My vet has told be about Benadryl for allergies and Pepto Bismal for upset stomach. If your dog needs dental care, that expense can run to over five hundred dollars.

They also require grooming to look good, but more importantly, it helps keep them in good health. Grooming is a great expense because it should occur every four to six weeks, which adds up over time. You can groom your dog yourself to help with the expense, which is what a lot of people do.

Children: A Needed Discussion

Children are all different in looks and temperament. They show the emotions of crying when in pain, they exhibit happiness, and most give unconditional love. They are amusing and the funniest when they are not trying to be. The needs of children can be overwhelming to new parents. The expense that is required to raise children can stretch the budget of any new parents. The medical expense for shots and illnesses can add up as the years go by. There is the clothing expense, which seems to grow as they do. Children from birth to adulthood is an expense that some parents are ill-prepared for, especially if they are unexpected.

Dogs and Children: The Comparison

The comparison between dogs and children is unbelievable because of so many similarities. The conversation of having a dog or/and children is a conversation that truly needs to take place. The attention they both require will take away time from you and your partner. Dogs and children both need attention, both will have medical expenses, and both need guidance until they reach a certain age.

When you introduce them into the family, you need to be at a place where you can devote the time, attention and love they both require. You want to have a happy child as well as a happy dog. The solution might be to have a dog or child at different times. There are many people who might think it’s a no brainier: have the child and forget the dog. What they don’t understand is that not every couple should, or needs, to have children. There are couples who have lifestyles that don’t allow for kids, or they just don’t want to make the huge sacrifice. For these couples, having a dog is as close to a child as they want to get. Dogs have no issues with fitting in, expectations, or need the level of attention that children do. In a lot of ways, dogs are less trouble in the long run than children. I hope you see how important this conversation is before marriage. Don’t assume one way or another that you know what the other person wants.

What comes first for you the dog or the baby?

Would you get rid of your dog for a baby?