It’s Never To Late To Try

Life Is Your Oyster

There are so many things going on in your life that you may feel like you’re running, even though you’re standing still. People are barely stopping to enjoy all that life has to offer because they think they might miss out on something. We never take the time to enjoy our lives or relationships like a juicy and tender piece of steak we try to stuff it all in. When we marinate, there are ingredients that go together just like when you brush your steak and let it sit so the juices can go through it. Our lives and relationships should be like that piece of steak. You take some kindness, love, understanding, patience, and empathy, you mix them all together and spread it all over your relationships, then let it seep in. Once it’s done, it means you will have learned to savour your life. It’s never too late to learn to savour your relationships. It’s never too late to mix all your ingredients together and change the problems in your relationships. One person can’t do it alone. You both have to realize you have something worth slowing things down for. It is never too late as long as you’re both communicating. However, that is not to say that communication will automatically lead to reconciliation, it is to say that if you’ve both agreed that it is too late to fix the problem you can’t have a cordial parting.

It is never too late as long as you can both be honest and put all out in the open for discussion. One of the hardest feelings to get past is trust. When trust is broken you have to ask yourself whether you can actually get past the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you don’t trust someone. Not trusting someone can leave a emptiness inside you and drive you to extremes in your actions sometimes. Untrustworthiness is hard to get past, and there will be times when you see your actions and you ask yourself if that is really you. There are people who believe that they can go on, but as situations come up or the telephone rings at night they realize that they can’t let it go. It’s okay to have tried, but before it gets ugly it’s best to be honest as soon as you realize it. It will be selfish of you to prolong the relationship in the hope that it isn’t too late when you see that the feeling you get is not subsiding at all, and you’ve given it a reasonable amount of time to stew in its own juice. No matter the reason for ending a relationship, you want to be able to say you’ve given it all you can. You have tried everything you can. The pain coming from a relationship gone bad is felt throughout your whole body and soul. It’s the reason you tell yourself that maybe it’s not too late to keep trying. There does come a time when two people know that it’s over, even if one or both of you don’t want to say it. But what’s the purpose of hoping when all hope has already died?

It’s never too late to try, as long as there’s a reason. Try slowing down and seeing your relationship as it really is, not how you feel it could be. There are some hurts that can’t be talked away, no matter how hard you both may try to leave the past in the past. Take the time to slow down and enjoy your lives. You don’t need to rush through each day with a mere hello. A relationship needs a much deeper conversations than that. The world is your oyster, and each of you together can have a hell of a good time if you just remember it’s never too late, as long as you both want to try.